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Pictures Gallery

  • The "Portrait of nature" photo collection consists of photos taken in natural surroundings in the province of Ontario

  • golden rudbeckia

    'Golden rudbeckia' photo

  • white peony 'Claire de Lune' flower

    White peony 'Claire de Lune' photo

  • tithonia

    'Mexican sunflower' photo

  • orange daylily flower

    'Orange daylily flower' photo

  • dandelion

    'Dandelion' photo

  • red poppies

    'Red poppies' photo

  • white-purple iris

    'White-purple iris' photo

  • spring fern

    'Spring fern' photo

  • seven red tulips

    'Seven red tulips' photo

  • persicaria flowers

    'Persicaria flowers' photo