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Product Photography

  • Our services

    • ▪ Photos of products for marketing use.
    • ▪ Images optimized for e-commerce websites like Amazon, Shopify, E-Bay.
    • ▪ Photo post processing and preparation for high resolution printing and proper format and resolution for website.
    • ▪ File naming for cataloging.
    • ▪ Print photos on a variety of photo paper types and sizes.
    • ▪ Photo delivery via CD, USB drive, upload to Dropbox etc.
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  • General Information

    • ▪ To book an appointment please call 647 981 0170
    • ▪ Bring your products to our studio and be prepared to answer our questions.
    • ▪ We will ask you about how many photos of the product you need as well as position of the product (front, side, back), camera angle, how many products will be placed in one photo. We will also choose a background for the photo.
    • ▪ If you have some ideas and sample websites, please save links to show them to us.
    • ▪ Product must be in excellent condition, without visible damages or scratches.
    • ▪ Bring a list of products with their names and their SKU, for the correct naming of the files.
    • ▪ You can ship your product to our studio. Please pack it carefully, to avoid any damage during the transportation. Your parcel must have tracking number.
    • ▪ Your can come and pick-up your product after photo session or we can pack your product and send back to you if you provide us with returned labels.
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  • Product photography and photo post processing.

    • ▪ Your products will be photographed, photos edited and retouched in professional post production process.
    • ▪ Files of images will be named using SKU code or product names provided by you.
    • ▪ Images will be sized to required sizes for your website and printing purpose.
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  • Review and approval of photos

    • ▪ When your images are ready you will be able to see them on our website, proper link will be given.
    • ▪ When you approve your photos, please come to our studio to pick up your images.
    • ▪ We can deliver photos to you recorded on CD, on USB flash drive or uploaded to Dropbox etc.
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  • Forms of payment

    • ▪ Cash
    • ▪ Interac E-Transfer
    • ▪ Cheque (We reserve a time of 5 business days to confirm the transfer from the cheque)
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  • Our prices

    • ▪ Studio adaptation to the particular session $50
    • ▪ Labour $100 per hour
    • ▪ Photo editing and postprocessing: $120 per hour
    • ▪ Photo printing - price range from $20 - $55 for a photoprint, depending on the size of the paper.
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  • Contact

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  • We give our clients a long-term permissin to use the photos we have taken, for business and private purposes.
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